The Marvel Universe Unpacked with Shawn Kirkham

Skybound's Sr. Vice President, Business Development joins to open some old cards and discuss them in our video series

Remember those old Marvel Universe trading cards from the early 90s? The ones with the power ratings and the great art? I loved those, as did many of the people who ended up making the comics we love today. Some of those people joined me at this year’s Emerald City Comic Con, as we opened packs of Marvel Universe Series II trading cards – the well-agreed upon peak of those cards – to talk about their memories of these cards, characters and creators who worked on them for a video interview series I call The Marvel Universe Unpacked.

This week, I’m joined by Skybound’s Sr. Vice President, Business Development Shawn Kirkham, as he joins to discuss his memories of these cards, the collection of cards in his office, the glory of the New Fantastic Four, Deathwatch’s power set, and more.

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