Where to Find SKTCHD Now (Ish)

While SKTCHD is 100%, absolutely no longer a thing, that doesn’t mean it’s the end for everything I’m doing. This post is for those that want to read more from me and listen to more of my Off Panel podcast. So you want more? Here’s where you can find it:

Crossover Logo

The Crossover with David Harper: this email newsletter is launching on August 16th and new issues will drop every other week. It’s going to be primarily comics related, but it will also touch on sports, video games, food, movies and more, quite often through the prism of comics. It will run off a season model – I told you I always liked that idea – with a couple month break being baked in between each ten-issue season. Here’s an important note: this isn’t going to be SKTCHD. I’ve already laid out most of the first season (and beyond, although there are gaps for topical items), and it’s going to be my attempt to embrace my fun side more (I swear that exists). My current plan is each issue will be 1/3 serious, 1/3 fun and 1/3 Q&A. Feels like the recipe. Plus: there will be way less words than on SKTCHD. Turns out small books make bad newsletters. Subscribe today!

Off Panel

Off Panel podcast: my interview podcast is returning soon (maybe even next week), and it’s going to maybe even be two episodes a week for the first few weeks. It will be returning for sure August 15th, with new episodes dropping Monday and bonus episodes coming on Thursdays. In the new edition of Off Panel, it will still primarily be comic related, but like with The Crossover, it will expand outside of comics from time to time (upcoming guests include folks from the world of games, animation and music). Get subscribed now so you don’t miss any episodes, although I’ll be posting new editions here on SKTCHD when they drop. Also, if you like the show, do me a kindness and rate/review the show on iTunes. It makes the Apple gods happy. Here’s where you can listen in (not including Google Play music and the IHeartRadio app, which you can find it on as well):

Off Panel on iTunes
Off Panel on Stitcher
Off Panel on LibSyn

That’s all for now. Subscribe to the email newsletter and podcast today, and expect the return of my comic related writing and interviews in the next couple weeks. Thanks for reading!