Welcome to SKTCHD, a subscription based comic book site created and owned by David Harper, the host of the weekly comics interview podcast Off Panel and the person who ran things the first time this site existed. This site is designed to approach comics and the world around them from a unique perspective, taking deeper, research-driven dives into the stories behind the comics and the people who make them.

It’s also meant to be a community of people who don’t just want to look at the stories in comics, but extending into the ones that are just as interesting taking place outside of them. We can talk about all of that and more in the members-only forum for the site. More than anything, this is a place where comics and their creators are celebrated, and where we’re reminded that it takes a lot of people to make these stories we love.

Comic books are amazing, magical things. SKTCHD is here to help you not forget how and why that is the case. I hope you enjoy it.

Also, please feel free to share your thoughts via social or email me if you have any subjects you think I should look at. I always appreciate people reaching out.

David Harper

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