Hey! Let’s Do an August Mailbag Q&A!

Last month I made a mistake by hiding my call for July Mailbag questions in a (much) larger post. I learned my lesson! This very post is your clarion call for questions for my August Mailbag Q&A sesh, in which you — a charming subscriber and patron — can ask me — a curious and ready to type podcaster and writer — any questions you may have, for me to eventually answer in a glorious bonanza of a post. What could those questions be about? Whatever you like!

Want to ask me about my favorite comics or the industry? That would make sense! Have questions about writing, interviewing, podcasting, or any of those fun things I do? Absolutely! Want to ask me about the 2022 Seattle Mariners or my genuine admiration of the film Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris? Let’s goooooo! Curious as to why I think mayo on fries is delicious instead of disgusting? Okay, maybe some paths are too dark to go down. But you get the point. You can ask me anything, as long as it’s a) not a research project and b) fun or interesting to answer. And I find everything fun and interesting to answer!

Strait-laced and reality based is fine, as are absurd hypotheticals. Whatever you’re curious about, I’m game.

I’d love to roll deep in this edition, so if you have any questions — multiple questions are welcome! — all you have to do is add them to the comments of this post or email me directly at david at SKTCHD dot com. Get them to me in the next week and a half and I’ll add it to the mix. Let’s do this, everyone!