Now accepting questions for a Celebratory November Mailbag Q&A!

What a wonderful evening!

It’s Saturday night and the future looks bright, but more crucially for the purposes of what I do on SKTCHD and for Off Panel’s Patreon, it’s a new month, which makes it time for a new Mailbag Q&A. As you might know – unless you’re new here, which is always possible – almost every month on SKTCHD I have a Mailbag question and answer session with subscribers and patrons in which you, my kind supporters, can ask me any question you might have about any subject you might have in mind.

That could be about comics! Or the industry! Or podcasting! Or writing! Or really anything, ranging from the election or the future to sports, music, movies, TV, the state of the world, how to handle Thanksgiving, whether it’s too early to put up a Christmas tree or any number of other subjects. Anything and everything is on the table, and if you have a question – or questions! – for me, I will answer it, more than likely (sometimes I get a whole lot of questions and tighten it up a bit so I don’t burn myself out, but that’s few and far between).

The point is, this is a fun time to talk about any questions you might have, and I can address whatever subject you have in mind in my typical, far too rigorous fashion. I always enjoy this, and you all never disappoint, so fire when ready with whatever questions you might have. All you have to do to add them to the mix is add them to the comments of this very post or email me at and I will make it happen. Get them in soon, though! I’m looking to turn this around this week – ideally for publishing by Thursday – so my cutoff date will be Wednesday for new questions. Let’s have some fun, so get sending, folks!