Now accepting questions for the August Mailbag Q+A!

It’s that time again, everyone. Somehow it has become August already, which means it’s time for another Mailbag Q+A on SKTCHD and the Off Panel Patreon, in which the subscribers on the former and patrons on the latter get the chance to ask me any questions they might have on any subject.

While the focus tends to be on comics, the industry, podcasting, and writing, the door is open for any subject really, including sports, foods, movies, TV shows, etc. They can be realistic, hypothetical, specific, broad, simple, complex, whatever. You do you. The point of this is to have fun and to dig into whatever questions that might be in your brain. I try to answer everything, so make it rain if you so desire.

How do you bring the rain? It’s simple. Comment on this very post, email me at, or tweet me on either the SKTCHD account or my personal one. Get those questions in by Friday the 7th and I will make the magic happen.

One final note, though: last time, someone asked me about my five favorite movies. I said I probably would forget something. I did. I’m not saying it’s one of the five, but Mad Max: Fury Road should have been on the list of contenders. I watched that again last night, and I love it so. Definitely the last movie I saw four plus times in theaters.