Now accepting questions for the August SKTCHD/Off Panel Mailbag Q&A!

It’s a new month, and with that new month comes another Mailbag for SKTCHD/Off Panel. There’s a fair few new faces here, so here’s a refresher on what that entails. These Mailbags are questions and answer sessions in which you, the reader or listener, can ask me, the writer/podcaster, whatever question you want about whichever subject you prefer. For those who were fans of Bill Simmons on the occasion he would actually write, these Mailbags are just that, and similarly to Simmons, I like it more the further outside the box we get.

What could you ask about then? Subjects tend to orient around comics, the industry, the site or podcast (or just the act of writing/podcasting itself), but again, everything is on the table, whether that’s related to movies, TV shows, music, food, sports, travel, or really anything else. I’m typically down with anything, including reality based queries or more hypothetical ones, so if you have a question or questions, I am ready for them!

So how do you participate? It’s simple! You can add them to the comments of this very post or email me them directly at, and once they’re in the mix, I’ll endeavor to answer them when I put the Mailbag together later this month. Hit me up by August 19th at the latest and I will make sure to get your question answered…even if it kills me!