Now Accepting Questions for the March 2023 Mailbag Q&A!

The February edition just dropped, so let’s get the bat signal out once again: IT’S MAILBAG TIME!

For those that haven’t participated before, most months on SKTCHD and Off Panel’s Patreon are marked by a different Mailbag Q&A, in which you – my kindly patrons and subscribers – get to ask me whatever question or questions you might have about whatever subject you please. Many of them are understandably about comics, the industry, podcasting, writing, and all the things I typically do on SKTCHD and Off Panel. But a lot of them are about other subjects! They could be about sports! They could be about TV or movies! Maybe they’re about French vacation aspirations or my thoughts on AI art (please god don’t ask me about AI art, it’s so tiresome)! Whatever you want, whether it’s real or hypothetical, I’m typically here for.

The point is to both answer any questions you might have and to have fun in a column filled with unexpected questions. Now, it’s entirely possible that your question may be so amazing and robust that I have to break it out into its own article – that has happened before! – but odds are, I’ll tackle your question (or questions!) in a Mailbag column that drops sometime in the third full week of March.

So have a question for me? Want to submit one? Drop it in the comments of this post or email me at and I’ll do my best to work it in! Get them to me by the weekend of the 11th and I’ll make it happen!