The Pull: A Look at the Comics Dropping the Week of February 12th

It’s kind of a small week, for me. I know that’s a very relative idea, but it’s still much lighter than I expected. But hey, maybe that will lead to some surprising purchases! Let’s look at my buys, curiosities and recommendations for the week of comics in The Pull, led by…a surprising book of the week!

Book of the Week: Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs

I am a big Wes Anderson fan. This will likely not come as a surprise to you, but it’s true. I’m a big Isle of Dogs fan as well, even if I find it to be anti-cat propaganda, as per usual. And I had heard that there was a manga adaptation – of a sort – of the film, but I had always guessed I’d never read it. I’ve been proven wrong, as completely unexpectedly, Dark Horse is actually publishing an English translation of Minetaro Mochizuki’s work with this world and story, and I am hyped!

Isle of Dogs has a lot of meat on its bones, and it’s an emotional, beautiful story that’s also more than a little bit wackadoo. I dig it for all those reasons. This is a new interpretation of the story, and I’m thrilled to get to read it. Let’s do this! And hey, Dark Horse, give me region-specific interpretations of all of Anderson’s movies! I want it all! Let’s go!

“You’re coming with me”: The for sure buys and recommendations of the week

Dollhouse Family #4: Lowkey a top two or three comic for me so far this year. I absolutely love what Mike Carey, Peter Gross and friends are doing here. It’s creepy as hell, but it never lacks the emotional throughline we need to be tethered to the heart of the book. Big fan.

Immortal Hulk #31: Of course Al Ewing is using Xenmu the Living Hulk as a propaganda tool for Dario Agger’s anti-Hulk push. This character that was originally created in 1960 is someone I have basically zero experience with, outside of a very mild sense of “haven’t I seen this guy before?” but as soon as I read about him, I was like, “dang it, Al, this is too smart.” And it is! Can’t wait to read it.

She Said Destroy TP: I’m here for the Liana Kangas art! It’s time to read the full book after being tantalized by the first issue. Plus, Tim Daniel design and Vault production value. I like all of that.

Thor #3: Two issues in and I’m uncertain about how I’m feeling about this comic besides the art. It’s enough to keep me around, but also enough to leave me somewhat cold after each read. The Herald of Galactus thing is fun, but a lot of this feels like things I’ve read before, even if it is big.

X-Force #7: A Domino-centric issue! I’m here for it, as I’d like to get a bit more from her, the character who has went through the most in this title since it launched (besides Professor X, who literally died. But he was okay!).

X-Men #6: A Mystique-centric issue! With some nice looking Matteo Buffagni art! The X-Men line’s main title will, I have no doubt, be fantastic in its latest issue. It’s my surest shot in superhero comics right now.

Game Time Decisions: The Ones that Might Come Home

Terrifics #25: I read one issue of The Terrifics. It was fine. But this issue is an oversized choose-your-own-adventure story from the outrageously great team of Gene Luen Yang and Dan Mora. I think I’m going to buy it, despite buying no other issues? I love issues like this, and that’s a heck of a team.