The Pull: A Look at the Comics Dropping the Week of May 17th

I’m not going to lie: I’m struggling to catch up on my reading, post-France. That’s leading to some big books getting pinched. Let’s look at those decisions and more in this week’s edition of The Pull.

Comic of the Week: Avengers #1/Titans #1

Headliner launches like this would typically be locks. A new Avengers volume with a back to basics sort of approach, from a solid if not unspectacular creative team? An A-list squad of creators on a new Titans title that repositions the team at the heart of the DC universe? Those are certainly worth a shot, right? The problem is, I’m in a target rich environment right now, with a considerable backlog. These two typical locks might be trade waiting titles — or worse. I’m leaning more heavily towards Titans, as that seems to be more in the vein of a cool family book, versus Avengers, which seems like a throwback in some ways. But both will get a flip through when I hit my shop, with the immediate vibes deciding which direction I go, and tonight’s reading playing a factor as well (come on, reading through 30 comics tonight!).

It is interesting that these big launches are both hitting the same week, though. It feels almost planned, even if it certainly isn’t.

Related but unrelated: I love that the two A covers feature all the characters doing something in unison, with the Titans walking towards the cover while all the Avengers are looking off to the right side. It’s like they are dance fighting, but on covers.

Trade of the Week: Blink TP

The easy sell here is Christopher Sebela, whose writing I always enjoy, and art from Hayden Sherman, one of the lowkey most productive artists in comics. It’s actually a double Sebela trade week, with .Self arriving over at Dark Horse, and that’s a solid book that’s worth a read as well. But Blink I completely missed on, and I’m excited to dig into it, especially because it’s a Found Footage comic which is a) super interesting to do in comics and b) basically tailor made for Sebela. Well, tailor made by Sebela, I suppose, but it’s sort of exactly what I think of when I think of him, as he famously loves movies in that vein. I’m feeling it!

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