The Pull: A Look at the Comics Dropping the Week of May 18th

A busy week, and one that’s rather heavy on the X-Front, is led by a comic with two titles. But both are great, so let’s get to those and more in the latest edition of The Pull.

Book of the Week: I Hate This Place #1

Kyle Starks doing horror is an easy sell. I’m a rather large fan of Starks and the cut of his jib, and I love the title of this, whatever it proves to be (it’s either “Fuck This Place” or “I Hate This Place” depending on the cover you get, basically), especially considering it’s attached to an ultra, maximum haunted house story. Artyom Topilin’s art is the variable I’m unsure about, but based off the cover and what I’ve seen of the book, it’s an exceptional fit.

The only real question is, will it be straight horror or horror comedy? I’m guessing the latter, because it’s Starks, and you can’t take the comedy out of the comic creator in this regard. But I’m down with whatever it proves to be.

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