The World’s Most Perfect Ranking of Vertigo’s Best Comics

Okay, it definitely isn't, but it's a list of my ten favorites

While DC may officially be “sunsetting” its Vertigo Comics imprint after 26 years, that doesn’t mean its legacy will be lost or forgotten in the process. As I’ve noted many times over, Vertigo is a hugely important piece of my personal comic book history, and it changed what I thought the comic book medium was capable of. So I wanted to celebrate it by bestowing the line with 2019’s greatest honorific: the listicle.

That’s right. I’m joining the hoards of others sharing their favorite (insert whatever your preferred number here) Vertigo titles from its lifetime by doing one of my own. But mine is different for one reason and one reason only: because it’s mine! 1 But enough preamble! Let’s get to the good stuff, as I share my ten favorite Vertigo comics from the line’s 26 year lifespan.

Note: Apologies to Sandman, as I have not read it, so it’s naturally not included. Let’s pretend I said very nice things about it here so you’re not mad at me for being a philistine who has never read one of the medium’s most beloved works.

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  1. Also because mine probably had the most boastful headline of the lot, but to be fair, I haven’t actually read any of the others.