“I Can’t Wait for People to See What We’re Doing”: Courtney Menard on the Production and Design of the New Tiny Onion

Big news dropped last week, as perpetual newsmaker and superstar writer James Tynion IV revealed the next phase of his Tiny Onion empire. It isn’t just a newsletter anymore, but a production house designed to help creators with “the development, packaging, marketing and cross-platform promotion of new creator-owned work,” per the announcement of this new … Continued

SKTCHDxTiny Onion: Part Ten, A Halloween Horror Chat

As you likely know, today is Halloween. As you also likely know, James Tynion IV? He’s fairly good, and prolific as well, at telling horror stories in comics! Is it any surprise that we waited to run this month’s SKTCHDxTiny Onion conversation — one about his personal history with and love of horror, and how … Continued

The Comics That Made Them with Ngozi Ukazu

The comics you read and the comic experiences you have early on in your life often form the building blocks of your relationship with the medium. Obviously what you’ll enjoy expands from there, but for readers, those earliest experiences can be enormously influential on you going forward. It’s the same for our favorite creators. Some … Continued