Off Panel #18: Image’s Corey Murphy

Image's Director of Sales joins Off Panel to talk retailer outreach and more

Corey Murphy, the Director of Sales at Image Comics, is this week’s guest on Off Panel. She joins the show to talk her role at Image, how her experience as the general manager of Laughing Ogre Comics prepared her for the role, the importance of retailer outreach, what types of comics she enjoys, clarification on the recent changes Image made in relation to variant covers, some changes they’ve made (or are making) in regards to final order cutoff date and retailer discounts, how form impacts approach, how Image stands out with retailers amidst increasing competition, what has her excited in comics, and much more.

It’s a great listen for those interested in how one of the bigger publishers in comics works behind the scenes, with fantastic insight from Murphy on her role and the industry.

You can find Corey on Twitter, and her presence is felt in every Image title you find in your local comic book shop.

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Cover art from “Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E.” by Warren Ellis and Stuart Immonen and “Hellboy” by Mike Mignola. Intro music is Yo La Tengo’s “Periodically Double or Triple”, used with their permission (if they remember…I swear it’s true YLT!).