The Right Time: Niko Henrichon on the Duplicity and Domesticity of Meet the Skrulls

As you may have noticed recently, I rather enjoyed Meet the Skrulls, the recently completed five issue mini-series from writer Robbie Thompson, artist Niko Henrichon, color assistant Laurent Grossant, and letterer Travis Lanham about a family of Skrulls who are on a secret mission on Earth that includes them living an ordinary family life in Stamford, Connecticut. It’s a brilliant series that feels like King and Walta’s The Vision meets TV’s The Americans, and one a lot of people probably slept on because it’s a mini-series about Skrulls. That’s easy to ignore.

But you really shouldn’t because it’s absolutely brilliant.

To further tout its greatness, I wanted to talk with Henrichon about his work on the series, especially after my chat with Thompson recently on Off Panel. So in this week’s art feature interview, I talk with Henrichon about his background, how he works, finding a fit for him at Marvel, and more, before we dive into dissecting five key pages from the first two issues of the series.

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