Let’s Do an October Mailbag Q&A!

It is once again time for one of my favorite columns of the month: it’s Mailbag time! You all have been on fire lately, and I’m excited to see what you come up with this month, the most glorious of all months.

For those that are new here – and hello to you all! each month on SKTCHD and Off Panel, I answer subscriber and patron questions in a giant Mailbag column. It’s an opportunity for a Q&A where you all get to quiz me on anything from comics and the industry to the site and podcast to even Halloween related queries, NBA season takes, or how I’m feeling about Overwatch 2. Anything is an option here in the Mailbag, as long as you’re interested in asking the question and discovering my answer. It’s a lot of fun, and allows for us to touch on a lot of subjects along the way.

They can be real or hypothetical, deeply serious or incredibly ridiculous. Whatever you prefer, I’m game, and I’m happy to take multiple questions too. You submit them to me, I’ll collect them, and then later in the month – probably not next week but the following one – I’ll answer them all in a giant column. It’s that simple, and it’s a lot of fun.

I almost did something different with this in October. I had grand plans this month to do something a little different with this Mailbag. The plan was simple. Instead of having everyone submit questions for a week or two and then I answer them in a column, I was going to host a chat. Yes, like an old school, early ages of the internet chat. My favorite baseball website Fangraphs hosts weekly chats with their writers – you can submit questions early or during the chat itself, and then they run the entire chat as an article (which was exactly what I intended to do) – and I love it. That was my plan, but I ran out of time on figuring it out. However, if you enjoy that idea, please let me know! We can try it out next month because I’ve been wanting to do that for a while.

But that’s not what it is this month. It’s the typical Mailbag Q&A this month, so you’re probably wondering how to reach me. If you want to submit a question, you can do so very easily by doing one of three things: commenting on this very post, emailing me at david@SKTCHD.com, or tweeting me either at my personal Twitter or on the SKTCHD account. If you do that, I’ll get it in the mix. Probably! There’s always a small chance your question is so big I have to answer it in a regular column. That’s always fun when that happens. Get your questions in by next Wednesday the 20th if you want it in the mix! That’s when I’ll close up the ol’ mailbox. So get your questions in, and let’s have some fun talking about…well, whatever you feel like, I guess!