Emerald City Comic Con 2021: If you could have any piece of original art, what would it be?

SKTCHD made its presence felt a few weeks back at Emerald City Comic Con, and did it in the most me way possible: by going around with a microphone and asking comic book creators ridiculous questions. Five questions were asked in total, and over the next few weeks, these videos will be unveiled for your viewing pleasure.

Today’s entry asks creators like Tula Lotay, Donny Cates & Ryan Stegman, and Jeremy Haun an incredibly difficult question: if money – and its current situation – was no object, which piece of original art would they most want to own? The answers, just like the creators themselves, were entertaining.

Before we go, shouts to friend of the site David Kelley for spending the day with me at ECCC recording these videos. It was an exhausting blast of a day, and David did exceptional work throughout. Thanks to David for being the best!