Now accepting questions for December’s Mailbag Q+A!

It’s the holiday season, which means it’s time for an end of the year, holiday edition of my monthly Mailbag question and answer session for Off Panel and SKTCHD. If you’ve been here for a bit, you know how this works. You’re a listener or reader, and you have a question about comics, the industry, podcasting, writing, sports, food, video games, other forms of entertainment, the art of eBay, Christmas music, complex feelings about Russell Westbrook being traded again, or anything else. I’m David, a writer/podcaster, and someone who has answers for your questions.

As per usual, I’m open to questions of all varieties, and above all, this is meant to be a fun column where subjects are tackled in a hopefully entertaining way. I suppose the latter is up to me, but you’re here to provide the subjects! Questions can be real or hypothetical, long or short, reasonable or insane. I accept all comers.

Have a question for me? Or even questionS? Well, send them my way! To do that, comment on this post or email me at by Sunday evening, and then next week I’ll put the whole thing together. That’s it. Let’s make the magic happen!