Hey! Let’s do a Mailbag for October!

It’s the month of costumes, candy and terror, which means I have eaten – roughly speaking – double my weight in mini Reese’s Pumpkins, a true achievement considering the fact they are tiny as hell (The key is acting as if they are a reward for yourself, i.e. I finished this article, so I get a pumpkin, or I earned kudos on a call for work, so I get a pumpkin, or I blinked, so I get a pumpkin. You get it.), and watched an unusual amount of horror or horror-adjacent movies. But more than that, and more relevant to you, it also means it’s a new month, so it’s time for one of my Mailbag Question and Answer sessions.

What are those, you might ask if you’re new to these parts? These are a concept I 100% took from Bill Simmons back when he used to actually write in which you, a kindly patron, subscriber, or person who happens to see this post, asks me questions and I answer them. The topics can range and depend on your interests as a person. Want to ask me about Penguin Random House’s prospects as a distributor or thoughts on how I typically book guests for Off Panel? Curious about my favorite X-Men artists or maybe my preferred breakfast foods? Anything is open! Subjects often include the usual suspects like comics, the industry, podcasting, writing, and other SKTCHD/Off Panel related topics, but they often stretch into sports, movies, TV (I have not watched Squid Game so I got nothing!), or any number of other directions. Real, hypothetical, straightforward, weird as heck, it’s all on the table. You decide.

The point is to make this both fun and fundamental, like all reading and good mailbags should be. And it’s easy to participate. All you have to do is add a comment to this post, email me at david@SKTCHD.com, or tweet me either at @SKTCHDcomic or @slicedfriedgold. Do that, and I’ll endeavor to get your question or questions (plural!) into the mix. I normally do these the third week of the month, so just get me questions by next Saturday the 16th and we’ll make it happen. Let’s have some fun, folks, so just send me a question and we’ll get to it.