Hey! Let’s Do a March Mailbag Q&A!

It’s Mailbag time once again, and what a time to have it. With the comic industry’s cup runneth-ing over with interesting tidings, insane choices, and run of the mill curiosities, I feel like we’re in an all-time window in terms of the potential for the questions to come in from you all.

But for those that are new here, this is the SKTCHD/Off Panel Mailbag Q&A for March, in which you – a subscriber/patron/person who just happens to really like asking people questions – gets the opportunity to quiz me on whatever subject you might be interested in my thoughts on. The state of comics! The comic industry! Podcasting or writing (but definitely not editing)! Food or travel! Movies or music! My current NBA League Pass rankings (the Wolves and new look Sixers are high on this list)! Horizon Forbidden West thoughts! Whatever!

Everything is on the table, and they can be deadly seriously or absurdly hypothetical. It’s all up to you. The point is to have a fun, interesting time engaging over whatever questions you might have for me. It’s all good to me.

So if you have a question that you want to add to the mix, you can get it to me by either commenting on this post or emailing me directly at david@SKTCHD.com. Get your questions to me by next Friday to ensure it makes the cut, and let’s have some fun!