Off Panel #21: Business and Storytelling with Jim Zub

Writer Jim Zub joins Off Panel to talk the business of comics and his work on Wayward at Image Comics. Zub talks about the blogs he has put together about his work, career and financial experiences, managing your brand online, how interacting with retailers has impacted his books, foreign licensing, some of the tinkering he’s done to develop the audience for his book Skullkickers, his teaching job, his collaborators on Wayward, where the book is going next, and a whole lot more. It’s a really insightful chat about not just creating comics, but finding an audience for them once you do.

Note: there were a few technical difficulties. My apologies for that. I blame Alaska’s internet, personally.

You can find Jim on Twitter, his blogs that we talk about on his site, and his work in Wayward, Figment, Skullkickers and more.

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Header art from Wayward #1 by Steve Cummings. Intro music is Yo La Tengo’s “Periodically Double or Triple”, used with their permission (if they remember…I swear it’s true YLT!).