Hey! Let’s Do an August Mailbag Q&A!

My friends, it is once again time to put together one of my favorite columns: my Mailbag Q&A!

For the many, many, many people who are new to these parts — welcome, all! — you might be wondering what that means. It’s simple. My Mailbag Q&As are question and answer sessions in which the subscribers of SKTCHD and patrons of Off Panel’s Patreon can ask me whatever questions they want and I’ll answer them in an extended column. Here’s June’s Mailbag as an example of what they’re like, but the hope is this will be a mix of fun and serious but always digestible questions (so, not longform type topics) for me to dig into and riff on.

And the topics available to you are effectively infinite. I’m happy to answer any questions you have about comics or the industry, as well as a podcasting or writing. But I’m similarly open to answering questions about sports, movies, TV shows, social media, whether Reservation Dogs is the most underrated TV show right now (yes), or anything else? Sure! Honestly, I’m open to anything, whether it’s real or hypothetical, bonkers or deadly serious, or whatever. The only note I have is I reserve the right to turn a question that’s too big for a Mailbag into a column on its own. I’ve done it before, and I’ll do it again!

That’s pretty much it! I just need questions in by…let’s say, Thursday, August 17th so I can get to answering them. How do you get them to me? It’s easy. You can either email me them at david@sktchd.com or comment on this very post, or try to find me on one of the 7,000 social media platforms that exist today and I can add it to the mix there. However you want to make it happen, though, I’m game. Just send them on over and we can make the Mailbag magic happen!