How About a May Mailbag?

Has it already been almost two months since the last Mailbag? How in the world is that possible? Time is insane right now, but whatever the timeframe is, it’s time for another Mailbag Q&A! These SKTCHD/Off Panel Mailbag question and answer sessions are basically an opportunity for us to turn this website into a conversation, where you can ask me whatever questions you might have in regards to comics, the industry, podcasting, writing, quarantine, food, sports, TV, movies, whatever!

These are designed to be fun, a piece where you can ask whatever questions you might have – I’m really open to everything, although not everything will necessarily make the final cut – whether it’s deeply silly or completely serious. And hey, we’re in the midst of a pandemic! There’s no better time to unleash whatever questions might be in your head than now.

If you have questions for me, just add them to the comments of this post, tweet me at SKTCHD or my personal account, or email me at I’ll be accepting them until Tuesday for this to run next week. Have one question? Have 30? Let’s make it happen! Make it rain people! Let’s get weird!