It’s That Time Once Again! Let’s Do a December Mailbag Q&A!

It’s the most glorious of days, as it’s a snowy December day, it’s snowing out, I have a tasty coffee, and in 2.5 hours, my Indiana Pacers battle the Los Angeles Lakers for the first ever NBA In-Season Tournament championship. But that’s not all it is: It’s also time for a classic SKTCHD/Off Panel Mailbag Q&A!

For those who are new around these parts, my mailbags are something I do every couple months or so where you — a SKTCHD subscriber, Off Panel patron, or simply a curious individual — get a chance to ask me any question (or questions!) you may have. The goal for these mailbags is for it to result in an entertaining and enlightening column after it’s all said and done, one where you can get my thoughts about any topic you might want my take on.

And when I say any topic, I mean it. While most questions are in the comics or comic industry space, as well as focusing on writing or podcasting, that’s just the tip of the iceberg typically. NBA questions are a constant. Seasonal ones often show up, so for December, I typically get ones asking for my take on varying Christmas topics. Maybe you want to know what I think of Shohei Ohtani getting a $700 million contract. I don’t know, because I’m not the one asking. But the point is, I’m open to anything, so if you have a question, I almost certainly have an answer.

So, how do you participate? That’s easy too. You just reply in the comments of this post, email me at, or get me your question on the social network of your choice, whether that’s Twitter, Instagram, BlueSky, or Threads, I guess. You have a lot of options these days. The only thing is I need questions no later than December 23rd, so if you have one, make sure to get them to me by no later than then. It’s that easy, so let’s get on it folks. Send me your questions, and let’s have some fun!