Let’s Do a March Mailbag Q&A! Send Me Your Questions, Folks!

I’ll quite often take skip months on my Mailbag Question and Answers columns, but with February’s edition being such a roaring success – you all killed it – I couldn’t help but feeling like we had to run it back in March. So, here we are, doing that thing once again.

But just to make sure we’re all on the same page, hello! This is the introduction post to the March Mailbag Q&A, and a place for you all to find out how you can submit your questions for me to answer. You might be wondering what exactly that means, though. What is a Mailbag Q&A, at least when it comes to SKTCHD and Off Panel? It’s pretty simple. It’s a place where you, my kindly subscribers and patrons, can ask me whatever questions you might have, and then I answer them in a monster column.

You might be wondering what you can ask, and the good news is, the answer is quite simply, “Whatever you feel like.” Most questions tend to be about comics and the broader comic industry or what I do on SKTCHD and Off Panel, but they really can be about whatever you feel like. Whether it’s about the NBA or my favorite movies and video games, insight into the inner workings of what I do or my big thoughts about the March Madness tourney, or…I don’t know, my five favorite Blondie songs, or something, I’m game. I have a lot of interests, and as you may have noticed, I quite enjoy talking about them.

As per usual, the point is this: There are no limits on what you ask, and I am happy to really dive into any topic, whether it’s real or hypothetical. The only caveat I have is that if a question is too big for the mailbag, I reserve the right to answer it in a separate piece altogether. I’ve done that before and I’ll do it again! But even then, it’s better to ask than not, so fire when ready!

The question becomes, of course, how does one get me a question or questions. It’s simple. You can either comment on this post, email me at david@SKTCHD.com, or hit me up on your favorite social media platform of choice (although if it’s on Threads I’ll probably miss it, because I’m not going to lie, I’m not crazy about that one). I’ll need questions by March 22nd, though, as I’ll be putting this month’s Mailbag Q&A column up the following week. So get your questions in and let’s have some fun! I always love these, and thanks to everyone for participating. They’re always a blast.