Now accepting questions for March 2021’s Q+A!

There’s a lot of new folks around these days, so I think it’s time for a reintroduction to this concept. Every month or two here on SKTCHD and Off Panel’s Patreon, I open up the floor to subscribers and patrons to ask me any questions you might want to hear me answer or you might have for the site or podcast. These are in the vein of Bill Simmons’ old Mailbags he’d do at ESPN and Grantland, and the hope is to make these questions about anything and everything – comics! the industry! podcasting! writing! sports! movies and TV! video games! the chicken sandwich wars! whatever! – while ranging from the hyper specific to the most deeply hypothetical.

The point is, I’m down with whatever, and the hope is making this a jump off to a fun and interesting piece that goes to a lot of places, while giving us all a place to interact about this wild world we live in and all the things, good or bad, within. So let’s have some fun.

How do you participate? It’s easy! Have a question or questions, plural? Add them to the comments of this very post, you can email me them at, or you can even tweet me them at the SKTCHD account or my personal one.