Now Accepting Questions for the November Mailbag Q&A!

It’s the best time of the month again! Each month here on SKTCHD (and on Off Panel’s Patreon), I put together a Mailbag Q&A in which you, the wonderful subscribers of the site, can ask me any question you may have. It’s a throwback to back when Bill Simmons used to write and have reader mailbags instead of podcasts of books, as I always thought it was a fun way to generate conversation and to build community. I do that here as well, as readers can submit any questions they might have and I do my best to answer them.

What can they be about? Anything! Have a purely hypothetical question? That’s cool! Want something concrete? I’m game! More interested in my thoughts on comics, the comic industry, podcasting or writing? Send them my way. Curious as to my take on sports, breakfast foods, movies, streaming services or Halloween candy? I’m down with whatever.

All you have to do is ask, and to do that, you just add your question to the comments of this post or email me them at It’s that simple! Get them to me by Wednesday and I will get them in the mix. So send me your questions and let’s have some fun, Mailbag style!