Now Accepting Questions for the October Mailbag Q&A!

After an overwhelmingly busy time in New York hitting up the con and doing touristy things, I’m back and getting caught up with everything. There are lots of spinning plates over here, but in the short term, it’s time for another edition of my favorite monthly activity here: my monthly Mailbag Q&A!

If you haven’t been around for one of these before, it’s simple. The Mailbag is your chance to ask any question you might have of me, whether it involves comics, the industry, podcasting, writing, New York Comic Con experiences, sports, food, movies, TV, or whatever you feel like asking me. I’m open to any question, no matter how precise or outlandish or whatever. This is the time for fun questions, serious questions and everything in-between. So if you have something for me, there are three options for you to submit them for the Mailbag.

That’s it! Get me questions by Saturday so I can work on them over the weekend and we’ll make the magic happen. That’s it! It’s Mailbag time, everyone! Let’s goooooo!