SKTCHD is Back! And There’s News and a Mailbag Coming With!

After an eternal wait, SKTCHD is officially back! Even better, next week is largely already set, with the return episode of Off Panel recorded, edited, and scheduled, my first feature (it’s the story of how Jane Foster became Thor with insight from the people behind it, and it’s quite good) buttoned up, another related mini-feature coming together nicely, and The Pull’s debut sorted. My goal was to get a head start on the next stretch for the site over my June hiatus, and my friends, I did just that. I have a notebook filled with ideas, and it was thanks to this break.

Did I also go to a high school reunion, welcome a great friend back into town, have family visit, run a 6k, and watch far, far too much NBA? Was I also troubled by the state of the world and my country? Do I also also potentially regret the amount of sun I got? Yeses across the board. Just a lot of yes, even if the middle part came with an exhausting amount of no as well.

It also surprisingly came with a fair amount of new subscribers, to whom I say: hello! As part of my return, we’re kicking everything off with one of my Mailbag Q&As, in which you – a kindly subscriber – ask me – a guy who runs a comic site and records a podcast – questions about whatever you want. Comics? The industry? Running a site or podcast? MCU or Star Wars takes? My hopes and dreams for the 2022-23 Indiana Pacers? Whether I’ve googled “how do I move to Ireland?” recently? Where For All Mankind ranks in my all time TV show rankings? Whatever you want, real or hypothetical, I’ll answer.


It depends on how rigorous the question is, as I reserve the right to turn your question in a full out article.

It’s happened before.

Want to submit a question or questions? It’s easy! Just add it to the comments of this post or email me at david at SKTCHD dot com. I’ll add it to the mix then!

Lastly, I’m adding a new subscription tier to SKTCHD! What’s that? It’s a free, newsletter-only subscription tier! What does it get you? Nothing content wise, as articles are only accessible to paid accounts (save for the occasional one that’s open to everyone) — you’ll just receive the newsletter that drops each Sunday with links to each of my articles (but not necessarily access to said articles!). I’ve come to realize over the last few years that a lot of people refer to SKTCHD as my “newsletter,” even if it isn’t one, and I’ve had people ask if they could get access to the site’s actual newsletter just to see what I’m doing and writing about. Now you can with this newsletter-only tier.

If you’re already subscribing to the site, this is not the tier for you. It won’t get you access to any of my articles or feature. But if you’re interested in keeping an eye on what I’m up to with the possibility of subscribing someday — which you can very easily by upgrading! — well, then this is the one. If that sounds like you, click the subscribe button below!

For everyone else, thanks for the patience this past month. It’ll be worth the wait, because I have a lot of great pieces on the horizon, many of which are already well underway. It’ll be a good time for people interested in the world of comics, I can tell you that.