The First Ever SKTCHD/Off Panel Chat-stravaganza is Coming!

This is typically when I would open the floor to Mailbag questions, giving you the opportunity to ask me any questions you might want answers to, no matter if it’s related to comics or not. This month, we’re going to try something different, something I had mentioned previously wanting to do.

I’m going to be hosting an end of the year chat – yes, a chat, like 1990s internet – on SKTCHD on Thursday, December 29th at 11 am Alaska time/3 pm EST. It’ll be posted on SKTCHD and will be open to anyone starting at 8 am AST/Noon EST that morning, allowing you to submit questions ahead of time in the platform (which is Jotcast, which works both on mobile and desktop and does not require any sort of account). Don’t worry: I’ll send out a reminder to everyone that it will be coming with a link where to find it, and the hope for it is it will be something fun that I throw into the mix from time to time to mix up the Mailbag formula.

Standard rules apply here. Any type of question is open – from comics, the industry, podcasting, writing, or the year in comics to sports, movies, TV shows, or my spiciest Christmas music takes – although I probably won’t be able to answer monster questions that have more in common with a feature than a chat/Mailbag question. Questions won’t automatically go live. Instead, they’ll be entered into a queue for me to answer, which I can engage with or not. So if you try to pull a fast one on me, I can delete it! If you happen to be a fan of the baseball website Fangraphs, this chat will be exactly like one on there, so that would give you an idea of what to expect.

The good news, though, is even if you miss it, I will get a transcript after and post it as its own feature on the site afterwards just like Fangraphs does. I just wanted to mix it up a bit, and I thought this would be a fun way to do it. It felt like the right thing to do with the end of the year here, acting as a post-SKTCHD AWRDS follow-up and a nice little wrap-up on the year that was. If you’re interested in participating, note it in your calendar! The plan is to chat for a couple hours with an enormous cup of coffee in hand and at least one cat in my lap. We’ll see where that goes, though, because it all depends on questions coming in! So, let’s talk then and have some fun when we do!