The Pull: A Look at the Comics Dropping the Week of February 5th

In The Pull, I once again look at my buys, recommendations, and curiosities from the week of comics, led by a very anticipated post-Krakoa book.

Book of the Week: X-Men/Fantastic Four #1

This is honestly largely unrelated to this title in specific, but can someone explain to me why Franklin Richards’ hair is black? It confuses the heck out of me. Every time I see him, I wonder who this edgy teen is. Is he going through a goth phase? Did his natural hair color come in decades into his existence? Did he use his powers to do it?

I ask these questions because X-Men/Fantastic Four #1 being labeled as my book of the week doesn’t really need much explanation. It’s a gaggle of phenomenal creators working on a mini-series that has an obvious connection and correlation to what’s going on with Marvel’s merry mutants. Its fit is without question, which means I’m certain I’ll be at the very least intrigued by it. But its upside is immense, as the Dodsons are a great fit here, Laura Martin is coloring them, which is very nice, and the always impressive Chip Zdarsky is both writing and doing design work here, which is very appealing to me.

I have little clue as to what the shape of this mini-series might be, but I’m fully onboard and ready for anything from a fun jaunt to something that is capital “I” Important. It’ll be good, whatever it is.

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