The Pull: A Look at the Comics Dropping the Week of January 26th

I’m writing this from the lanai in my hotel room in Honolulu, wearing a pink shirt and perhaps even pinker skin. And yet! The Pull perseveres! Let’s look at the week of comics for me, led by a rare dual threat as the book of the week.

Book of the Week: Saga #55 AND Batman/Catwoman Special #1

Having ties here is something I endeavor to avoid, forever and ever. I believe it’s happened once, purely out of my own indecisiveness. But this week, it has to happen again, if only because the two titles at the top demand the spot.

One is the return of Saga after a multi-year absence, as Brian K. Vaughan, Fiona Staples, and Fonografiks’ beloved, much missed Image series is back on track with its 55th issue. This is the extremely obvious pick.

The other is Batman/Catwoman Special #1, a comic I would normally not buy, but it’s the final comic that the legendary John Paul Leon worked on, with a trio of peers in Bernard Chang, Shawn Crystal, and Mitch Gerads stepping in to finish the issue off. This being the grand finale of and a tribute to such a remarkable talent requires its inclusion here.

So instead of picking one, I’m picking both. I’m terribly excited for both, for wildly different reasons, and I hope everyone gets the chance to celebrate them, if only for the new beginnings and the lovely finality they each offer readers.

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