SKTCHD Audio: Andy Schmidt talks Annihilation

Longform articles are going to be a big part of this new version of SKTCHD, as they were the first time. That’s not going to change. However, not everyone loves reading monster articles, and a lot of times, the ones that seem long could be much, much longer if I used everything that came from my interviews with the people featured in these articles. So as part of your subscription to SKTCHD, you’ll get exclusive access to audio interviews that fed into those longforms.

While they won’t be as thoroughly edited as my podcast Off Panel and they’re going to be a lot more all over the place – after all, these are designed as interviews to acquire information, not podcasts – there’s still a lot to enjoy here, in my opinion.

And the first one is my chat with former Marvel editor Andy Schmidt about Annihilation, the event comic he led the way on during his tenure, as our original conversation that fed into the oral history on that comic is here for your listening pleasure. You can listen to it below, or if you’d prefer to download it for listening on the go, you can here. Also, look for a mega podcast featuring the writers from the event next week (or that’s the plan at least!).

As a note, once the site’s paywall goes live, your subscription will come with access to a subscription-only RSS feed, so you’ll be able to drop this in your preferred podcast app and make the magic happen right then and there.