The Pull: A Look at the Comics Dropping the Week of July 3rd

‘Twas the week of a major American holiday, and comic publishers…did not dial things back as I expected? Let’s dig into an unexpectedly robust week, one that is shockingly DC heavy and completely lacking in any titles from Marvel!

Comic of the Week: Public Domain #6

I don’t remember where I placed Chip Zdarsky’s comic about comics, intellectual property, and family in the my Comics of 2022 rankings, but I believe it was in the top two. And that’s for good reason: Public Domain is one of the best comics going these days. It is funny and insightful and poignant and real and ridiculous and all the things one might want, with excellent art throughout by Zdarsky. It is my favorite thing he’s doing and probably my favorite thing he’s done, with the possible exception of my beloved Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #310. I can’t wait to read more of Public Domain, even though it’s clear that I can because I subscribe to the cartoonist’s Substack and could have read this long ago. Whatever, Chip! I’m a print comic reader!

Trade/Graphic Novel of the Week: Far Sector TP (Compact Comics)

I’ve already read Far Sector and have already recommended it a lot — N.K. Jemisin and Jamal Campbell are an amazing team, and this story about a Green Lantern in the midst of a political nightmare on an unknown planet is even greater than the sum of their parts — but I wanted to take the time to tout it once more now that its Compact Comics release is here. This comic rocks, but when you get the entirety of this 12 issue series in one small package for $9.99, it’s even better. If you’ve missed Far Sector until now, do yourself a favor and give it a read now. It’s well worth it.

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