The Pull: A Look at the Comics Dropping the Week of July 8th

What in the world is this week? It has to be my smallest buy week…ever? It’s crazy. Let’s get to one tiny, tiny week for me in The Pull, I suppose.

Book of the Week: DCeased Dead Planet #1

I am such a DCeased mark at this point that this series could be DCeased: Tom Taylor Hates David Harper and I’d be like, “Wow, a little intense, but I’m curious to see where he takes it.” Given the simplicity of the idea and the depth of emotions they’ve mined with this franchise, I am in for whatever with DCeased, as it long ago surpassed its trappings as DC’s Marvel Zombies.

The idea that this features the legacy characters – your Cassies, Damians, and Jons – returning to Earth to try and reclaim it from the Anti-Life Equation infected masses is a wondrous idea, and honestly, kind of a fascinating look at what comics could do if they weren’t beholden to the Illusion of Change. Plus: THE UNKILLABLES GANG IS BACK. Let’s go, Tree Lobsters! It’s time to make the magic happen!

“You’re coming with me”: The for sure buys and recommendations of the week

Adventureman #2: I really enjoyed the first issue of this when I dug into it as a digital read before release, but for some reason, it worked even better as a print comic. Maybe it’s the right format for this throwback like comic, but whatever the reason, I’m a big fan of Adventureman. Plus…that scooter on the cover! I LIKE.

Oblivion Song #25: An extra-sized, undoubtedly extra crazy 25th issue of Oblivion Song is here. Glad I’m back onboard, because I enjoy this comic.

Would buy, but I’m a dirty, rotten trade waiter

  • Bitter Root #9