The Pull: A Look at the Comics Dropping the Week of March 13th

Hey! The Pull! Now on a Tuesday! The plan currently is to try this out, as I’ve had several requests to migrate this column to a day before new comics hit so they can use it as a guide. We’re going to try that out, but if you have any strong feelings for or against it, let me know. But let’s get to a dense week of releases, with a couple new books from some top names leading the charge.

Comic of the Week: Helen of Wyndhorn #1

I touted this one when it was announced, but I love everything about Helen of Wyndhorn conceptually. Its concept sort of sounds like Conan the Barbarian meets Stranger Than Fiction meets Locke & Key, which sounds truly inspired to me. It reunites the Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow team, with the pair of artist Bilquis Evely and colorist Matheus Lopes really leading the way for me. It’s a tight six-issue miniseries, which tells me it knows what it is. Will it live up to my expectations? I’m not sure, but we’ll start to get a feeling for that answer this week.

Trade/Graphic Novel of the Week: Bunt: Striking Out on Financial Aid

I have this graphic novel already, so it’s less of a buy and more a nod in its direction. But this really comes down to my belief in Ngozi Ukazu as a writer and the charming concept at its core. It’s the story of a college student who, when faced with her disappearing scholarship, teams up with a group of other art students to hopefully a win a softball game, with that result determining if they all get an athletic scholarship. It has it all: Sports! Drama! Comedy! Loopholes! I’m a big fan of this concept. Ukazu is one of the sharpest people in comics, and the way she blends hilarious dialogue, genuine characters, and great concepts is truly rare. Pair that with Mad Rupert’s art, and this one should be a charmer with exceptional production value, as this is a First Second release and First Second just does not miss.

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