The Pull: A Look at the Comics Dropping the Week of March 16th

It’s a deep week in new releases, but the top spot actually goes to a collection! Let’s look at that and more in the latest edition of The Pull.

Book of the Week: The All-Nighter TP

I loved Afterlift, I loved the first two issues of this, and I love the combination of Chip Zdarsky, Jason Loo, Paris Alleyne, and Aditya Bidikar, making the collection of this series an easy book of the week selection. This ComiXology Originals series is about a family of vampires that work in an all-night diner, when one superhero movie obsessed member of the group decides to become a hero in his own right. Hijinks ensue. If that sounds like you’re kind of comic, then maybe you’ll join me in reading this. Or if you just like any of the members of that killer creative team, you’ll join me.

Whatever your reason is, you should read The All-Nighter. And now, it’s out in print thanks to Dark Horse Comics, ensuring that its readability won’t be harmed by any software updates, because print books can’t be updated. Yes! Take that, newfangled technology! Physical products win again!

Anyways, read The All-Nighter. It’s a good comic by good comic people, and I’m excited to finish the series by reading this brand new collection.

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