The Pull: A Look at the Comics Dropping the Week of May 19th

There’s no clear cut winner for the book of the week slot, so let’s give the top spot in The Pull to a personal fave that deserves more love.

Book of the Week: Stillwater #7

Stillwater, like any great horror story, generates more pain and anguish from its human elements than its supernatural ones. While on the surface it’s a comic that is about a town that, within its limits, has seen all citizens stop aging and even permanently dying from injuries. The people of Stillwater have become functionally immortal so long as they stay within the town. But what the arrival of an outsider does isn’t ultimately about how or why that is happening – although maybe we’ll get there – it’s about what happens to a society when they no longer fear consequences or death because there is little of either.

That’s a much more interesting idea, and Chip Zdarsky, Ramon K. Perez and Mike Spicer have done a remarkable job getting the absolute most out of that in its first six issues. Predictably, things do not go well, and now they’re shaping up to be even worse after the conclusion of the first arc. I am certain they will be terrible events that make us question the inherent goodness of people, just as I am sure these events will be absolutely riveting to read. That’s pretty good.

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