The Pull: A Look at the Comics Dropping the Week of November 1st

It’s a fifth Tuesday, so apparently everyone decided to make this week a weird one, even publishers that release on Wednesdays. So, let’s look at an odd, quiet week in comic releases, led by a couple projects that have been coming for a while.

Comic of the Week: Ultimate Universe #1

You might think I’m a Jonathan Hickman mark. You wouldn’t be wrong. But even though Ultimate Invasion itself didn’t end as well as it started — I blame its four issue run, it felt like it needed more time — I’m fully onboard the new era of Ultimate, to say nothing of G.O.D.S., Hickman’s other current book. This issue, Ultimate Universe #1, is really the true launching point, and one that finds Hickman pairing with a previous collaborator in the terribly underrated Stefano Caselli to kick off a new team and new universe going forward. Plus, who knows what other surprises might be in there. Maybe even a frumpy, married version of Peter Parker! We shall see! The point is, though: This feels like something new and fun and I like that. Hickman’s always good for that, and so that makes this an easy pick at the top.

Trade/Graphic Novel of the Week: The Unlikely Story of Felix and Macabber

This is early days Juni Ba and Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou, and within its pages you find about as much energy and idea creation as you’ll see in any five other comics this week. It’s a heart-warming, inventive adventure that finds monsters both big and small learning important lessons and growing as people (and monsters). It’s a good one, especially for Ba unleashing ideas on the page in a way that few can.

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