The Pull: A Look at the Comics Dropping the Week of November 6th

After a light week – although a less light week than I realized, as I missed a couple books last week – it’s back to the insanity, with our first double Dawn of X week and a pair of other big #1s, amongst other releases. But we start this edition of The Pull with a graphic novel release from Image, and one with an A+++ creative team.

Book of the Week: November Vol. 1

I very much enjoy Matt Fraction’s writing, I’m here for seeing what the production value on this release is (especially considering Fraction is a very into delivering a good product), and the rest of the squad here is top notch. But I’d be lying if I didn’t say that my main draw here is Elsa Charretier, an artist whose work I very much enjoy but has been lacking in a real knockout project to show it in. I think November might be that, and I love everything about how it’s looking.

Plus, I like the idea of a series of graphic novels from this team set in this world! Three women dealing with a criminal underworld and the one man that binds them together with Fraction, Charretier and Hollingsworth is quite nice, and I’m interested to see how they turn this into an ongoing story. But above all, I’m hyped for that art. It’s going to be a beauty.

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