The Pull: A Look at the Comics Dropping the Week of October 11th

After several mammoth weeks, there’s a bit of calm in the world of comic releases. Let’s dig into that in this week’s edition of The Pull.

Comic of the Week: Kaya #12

Kaya is a comic I like a whole lot. More than that, it’s a comic that’s very smartly made, as each arc is followed by a stand-alone issue that allows everything to breathe a little more and cartoonist Wes Craig to mix things up. It also expands the world and helps us better understand varying elements of this world. Take this issue as an example. So far, we’ve been given very little about the villainous robots in this story, and this issue will take us into their world. That adds to overall tale while likely being a totally awesome single issue. Kaya’s great as a whole, but these stand-alone issues are an idea I’m very fond of.

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