The September Mailbag is Here!

It’s Mailbag time! I asked for questions for my monthly mailbag Q&A, and you all delivered. There’s a lot to get to, so we’ll get right to it. However, remember: you can send me Mailbag questions whenever! Shoot me an email at or add them into the Ask David Anything section in the forums. I’ll include your question or questions in a future mailbag if you do.

Enough of that, though. To the questions!

What is YOUR HoXPoX theory? – Keigen Rea

I had a theory. It was about timelines and about how the main 616 universe was actually the 11th life, and how this was all about what Moira learned to lead the mutants to a better place in the future. I even was convinced that House of X was, like Powers of X, actually designed to mean House of Ten. It was a whole thing.

But then I read Powers of X #4 last night and I was completely over it. I have no theory anymore. I’m not a big theory guy in general, but when I was reading Sinister being a sassy, fabulous man and future timelines ascending, I realized that nothing I could come up with will match what Hickman’s going to give me, so I might as well just enjoy the ride as is. I’m out on theories! Just give me more glorious comics!

Which four individuals belong on the Comic Book Mount Rushmore? (They don’t have to be Americans.) – Andrew Tan

Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Osamu Tezuka and…this last spot is tough. The obvious play is Will Eisner. The radical one would be Alan Moore or Frank Miller. The deep cut would be Phil Seuling. I guess I’ll go Eisner, mostly for effectively creating the graphic novel idea and for his broader, lasting impact conceptually. I don’t know a lot of people who swear by his work – or even have read his work – which is an odd position for someone on Mount Rushmore. But his impact is known, even to the point they named an award after him. A lot of awards!

Are you all in on the Dawn of X books? Which one are you all-innest on? – Keigen Rea

Yep! I will be buying all six at least at the start, as my HoX/PoX hype levels currently know no bounds. I will say at least one or two are titles I’m dicey on and will be walking on thin ice at least to start, but the Hickman hype train can carry a lot. Needless to say based off that introduction, Hickman and Yu’s X-Men will be at the top of my list, especially considering it’s all done-in-ones, from what I understand. That I like! I like to hear that my guy Johnny Hicks is doing things a bit differently, even in that regard.

You wake up one morning to learn you have 24 hours to live. Once this time has passed, you will fall over dead. The ONLY way to prevent your death is to take someone else’s life. What do you do? Do you seek out someone and end their existence, or do you make the most out of your 24 hours left on Earth? The choice is yours! – Wesley Gift

Well I am definitely not killing anyone. This reminds me of Kill or Be Killed, the Brubaker and Phillips joint, and as much as I enjoyed that comic, I couldn’t have lived that life. And honestly, knowing I only had 24 hours to live before I fall over dead would be kind of freeing! I’d just do what I want, which would be nice. And honestly, it’d probably just be spent eating a lot and enjoying my friends and family, all of whom I would demand to take off work for the day. I just imagine it as Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, but in Anchorage, Alaska, so a lot less interesting.

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