Emerald City Comic Con 2022: If They Didn’t Make Comics, What Career Would Creators Want?

If you weren’t doing what you did for a living, what would you want to do? Not what would you do, but what would you want to do? That’s a much tougher question, perhaps. Personally? I’d be a traveling food journalist, where I go around the world eating food and then eating strings of sentences that add up to, “Wow, that was really, really good.”

But I’m not everyone! More than that, I’m certainly not a comic book creator. So to close my creator interviews from Emerald City Comic Con, I went around the convention asking creators like Brian Stelfreeze, Amy Chu, Liana Kangas, Jim Zub, and more about the careers they’d want if they no longer worked in comics. And the answers were predictably spectacular, particularly Stelfreeze’s, which was a very thoughtful answer to what could have been a goofy one. It’s an enjoyable series of interviews, and I hope you enjoy it, as I hope you enjoyed the rest of them.

Before we close, shouts to friend of the site David Kelley and my wife Amber for spending the con with me at ECCC recording these videos (and others). It was a lot of work, but we made it happen.