Emerald City Comic Con 2022: Which Comic Character Would Creators Most Want as a Roommate?

Comic characters are known for team-ups, but being roommates? That’s a fairly unusual form at team-up. But recently at Emerald City Comic Con, I made creators like Daniel Warren Johnson, Rachael Stott, Brian Stelfreeze, and more contemplate who would make the best one, as each was asked to come up with the comic character they’d most want as a roommate. The answers were predictably excellent.

That’s video four from the five questions videos from Emerald City Comic Con, so expect another one final video to arrive next week.

Before we go, shouts to friend of the site David Kelley and my wife Amber for spending the con with me at ECCC recording these videos (and others). It was a lot of work, but we made it happen.