Off Panel #300.5: Celebrating 300 with Liana Kangas

This past week, Off Panel had a guest host for the first time ever on a one-shot episode: writer/artist Liana Kangas! And if Liana was the guest host, that meant the show needed an interviewee, so additionally for the first time ever, I stepped into the hot seat to answer all of Liana’s questions for me, as submitted by listeners. This resulted in a one of a kind podcast in which I answered questions about what makes me excited about where comics are, the advantages of Alaska, how comics have changed since Off Panel started, the podcast’s big breaks, the comic characters my cats would be, and a whole lot more.

It’s a super fun chat, which is no surprise because Liana herself is a blast. And now you can listen to this episode right here in this post or by downloading it here. You’re going to have to if you want to listen, because this one is never hitting the Off Panel podcast feed! It’s here and the Off Panel Patreon feed only! Give it a listen, and I hope you dig it!