Off Panel #454: Merrily We Roll Along with James Tynion IV

Writer James Tynion IV joins the show to talk about his busy dance card of late on books like The Department of Truth and The Nice House by the Sea. Tynion discusses Stephen Sondheim’s influence, learning from other creators, finding power in old forms, how adaptations shift his view of his work, balancing everything, what exactly the new Tiny Onion is, maintaining momentum, the importance of availability, w0rldtr33’s surprises, the new direction in The Nice House by the Sea, what he learned from his recent Kickstarter, crowdfunding’s power, how far his plans go out, and more.

You can find Tynion on Instagram and his work in Something is Killing the Children, w0rldtr33, The Department of Truth, The Deviant, Spectregraph, Blue Book, and the upcoming The Nice House by the Sea.

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Big thanks to Deanna Chapman for stepping in to edit this episode. If it sounds better than usual, it’s because of her.

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