Off Panel #46: Color Time with Matt Wilson and Nathan Fairbairn

In another Emerald City ComiCon edition of Off Panel, colorists Matt Wilson (The Wicked + The Divine, Black Widow) and Nathan Fairbairn (Wonder Woman: Earth One, the upcoming Lake of Fire) join the show to talk about the world of comic coloring. They talk the impact of being a colorist, how they got into that line of work, their breaking in stories, how many books they can handle at one time, how the project can impact their work, their approach to coloring comics, the evolution of color art, colorists as storytellers, colorists that stand out to them, the three jobs of a colorist, how they refine their work, colorists in the overall conversation of comics, and more. For those interested in color work, this is a great insight into the work colorists do.

You can find Matt on Twitter, the art print we talk about in the episode for purchase here and his work in Cry Havoc, Black Widow, The Wicked + The Divine, Paper Girls, Captain Marvel and The Mighty Thor. You can find Nathan on Twitter and his work in Wonder Woman: Earth One, Nameless, All-New Wolverine and the upcoming Lake of Fire.

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Header image is from the print Wilson provided both line art and colors for that we discuss in the show. Intro music is Yo La Tengo’s “Periodically Double or Triple”, used with their permission (if they remember…I swear it’s true YLT!).