Post Hype Machine: Revisiting Rob Guillory’s “Farmhand” as it Nears the End of its Second Arc

The comic industry has a short memory, as titles are hyped on the approach to their first issue and often forgotten shortly thereafter. On to the next is the typical mindset, with what’s new often leading the way for readers, comic sites and beyond. But that doesn’t mean your average comic ceases to exist, by any means. There’s plenty of goodness still awaiting in these books even if they stop being talked about quite as often.

Those are the titles I’ll be looking at in a new recurring column here at SKTCHD that I’m calling “Post Hype Machine.” It’s going to examine titles that are beyond their first arc, seeing how they’re sizing up now that we’re further into the meat of the story, with these sort of reviews taking a more holistic look at titles rather than looking at a single issue or even an arc. And this week’s first edition will dig into Rob Guillory, Taylor Wells, Kody Chamberlain and Burt Durand’s Farmhand, a title that started as one thing and is morphing into something a little bit different now that we’re nearing the end of its second arc.

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