Off Panel Live! #2: Daniel Warren Johnson

Over on the SKTCHD Instagram, I’ve been putting together Instagram Live conversations with comic folks I’m calling Off Panel Live! The first episode was two weekends back with artist Liana Kangas, and unfortunately, the greatness of the debut was lost to the sands of time (and my failings as an internet person). But the second episode was saved, and cleaned up as much as I could so I could turn it into an audio podcast version of it. And that’s what we have today!

It was with cartoonist Daniel Warren Johnson, as Daniel and I talked about his dream guitarist to jam with, Star Wars, his mini-comics, how he knows when he nailed a splash page, commissions, and a whole lot more, then we dive into five things that inspire and influence him, before we close with a Q&A session from those who joined the show live. It was a ton of fun, and you can listen to it here.

However, a couple notes. Because of mysterious internet reasons, Daniel’s side of the feed has weird feedback issues from time to time. The whole thing sounds much worse than my usual episodes because this was recorded on a phone rather than using a nice microphone and a stable internet connection. And lastly, there are specific visual references in this episode, and that’s because it’s typically a visual show. With those caveats aside, here is the episode!

Off Panel Live! has a sponsor as well, and it’s No Longer Mint, an emporium of amazing wares like stickers, shirts, books and more from comic colorist and designer to the stars Rico Renzi. Rico has a ton of great swag, and you should totally check it out!