Joy and Expression: Stephen Green on the Art and Wonder of “Sea of Stars”

I’m really loving Sea of Stars, the new Image Comics series from co-writers Jason Aaron and Dennis Hallum, artist Stephen Green, colorist Rico Renzi and letterer Jared K. Fletcher. It’s a heck of a book, with an oddly whimsical, Odyssean vibe to this science fiction story about a separated father and son in space. And hey, with folks like Aaron, Hallum, Renzi and Fletcher onboard, of course it’s good.

But Green for me is the real standout. Don’t get me wrong: those other guys are great. But Green’s a newer name for most – not for this guy, as Green’s both a Mignolaverse fan and creator, having worked on Hellboy and the B.P.R.D. 1954 – The Black Sun and a Lobster Johnson one-shot – so perhaps his contributions might be unexpected. They’re essential to the book, though, giving the big moments the weight and potency they deserve, and the smaller moments the emotion and substance they need. His character acting is, in particular, world class work, in my opinion.

So naturally, I had to talk to him for an art feature interview, which you can find below, as we discuss his background, how he works, why Sea of Stars is important to him, and more, before we break down a few pages from the first issue. The second issue is out now, though, so if you’re interested in hopping onboard, I highly recommend it.

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